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"Lost" Episode 9: "Stranger in a Strange Land"

Posted By Entertainment on Feb 22, 2007 at 11:51AM

This week’s "Lost" was less time-bending and more hearts and stars (and naming stars with the one you "heart"). Last week’s episode sure was thought-provoking, while this week’s was like receiving a textbook that went missing last semester.

However, being promised answers to at least "three of the biggest mysteries" of the show, I expected to learn some awesome, interesting information. What I got was... Bai Ling. The fact that she's the answer to anything in this show almost makes me never want to watch it again. Almost.

Jack Likes Juliet, Which Is A Step Up From Bai Ling

I love Jack’s description of The Others after Tom innocently asks him, “What kind people do you think we are, Jack?”

Um, let’s see: The kind who would "take a pregnant woman, hang Charlie from a tree, drag people out of the jungle, kidnap children..."

Mouth breathing all the while, Tom knocks on the glass walls of Jack's cell and says, "How about I get you some stones?" I could have sworn he said, “How about I get you stoned?” That would be a very different episode, though.

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"Lost" Episode 8: "Flashes Before Your Eyes"

Posted By Entertainment on Feb 15, 2007 at 11:00AM

Well, the creators of "Lost" promised a crazy new flashback device in last night's episode, one that would blow some peoples' minds but might turn other viewers away. I, for one, am intrigued. At this point, you couldn't pry me away with Eko's wooden stick if you tried.

The episode explores Desmond's experience of the island: details of what happened before and an explanation for why he has been behaving so strangely ever since he turned the key in the Hatch and it exploded (or imploded). If you have not seen the episode and don't appreciate spoilers, do not read on! But if you want to dive deeper into the symbolism, mysteries, and philosophies of last night's episode, read more