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Lost Episode 5: "The Constant"

Posted By Entertainment on Feb 29, 2008 at 9:29AM

Wow. This is one of them freaky mess-with-your-head Lost episodes, and I think it's one of the most riveting episodes I've ever seen. They're again playing with the space-time stuff, nearly to the point of causing vertigo. And I like it.

Anyone else cry a little at the end? Um, maybe more than a little? Please — tell me I'm not a total sap.

Also, we got an Iron Man trailer! That was awesome.

For a detailed recap of the happenings in this week's Lost, check out SweetPeasMom's post. For my thoughts and to share your own — spoilers ahead! —


  • Oooh, Juliet is all sarcastic with the archaeologist lady. "Maybe if you speak real slow, we'll understand what you're saying." Sassy.
  • I am loving this Desmond-and-Sayid duo. I'd like Desmond to see more of that in my future.
  • They do really well to disorient us along with Desmond. These quick cuts between Desmond's experiences — apparently called flashtimes, rather than flashbacks or flash-forwards — are totally dizzying.
  • The guy in the bed, Minkowski, is so creepy. "It's happening to you, too, isn't it?!" "I was just on a Ferris wheel." Gah! This episode struck me as being similar to older spooky shows, like The Twilight Zone. It's not just mysterious at this point — it's really scary.
  • However, sometimes this time travel stuff squishes my brains.
  • I'm starting to like the eccentric Daniel Faraday. His 1996 self had a pretty hairdo. And now we know that his faltering memory might be due due to prolonged exposure to radiation.
  • Minkowski says they regularly got calls from Penny that they were under strict orders not to take. Why?
  • So, Mr. Widmore had the highest bid on the log from the ship on the island, the Black Rock (which, among other things stored dynamite, and was also the place where all the Sawyer-Locke-Locke's dad stuff went down). The ship's log was kept secret by, apparently, the Hanso family, and now (er, in 1996 anyway) it's in Mr. Widmore's possession.
  • Desmond and Mr. Widmore in the bathroom together is kind of funny, but that dude is harsh: "It's not me who hates you." Ouch.
  • There are a lot of cool theories and questions posited on Lostpedia regarding this episode, with my favorite being all the connections drawn between the episode and Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five.
  • Sayid is so totally desensitized: When that Minkowski guy drops Sayid barely raises an eyebrow.
  • Aww . . . Penny is Desmond's constant! "I love you, Penny. I've always loved you."Aaaaand crying. Turning to sobs. Okay, end the episode already!
  • I sort of wish they'd had this "constant" term back around Valentine's Day when I was sending around those Lost-themed e-cards. "You're my constant!"
  • Dan's notebook: "If anything happens, Desmond Hume will be my constant." Love it.

What did you think of this week's Lost? Who would be your constant?

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Lost Rundown Episode 4: "Eggtown"

Posted By Entertainment on Feb 22, 2008 at 9:41AM

First and foremost, Phasekitty totally called the twist at the end of this episode in one of her comments last week. Nicely done, Phasekitty. Nicely done.

As a general rule, I think I've had enough of Kate's stories, of which we've now had nine. Last week's episode was so gripping with Sayid's flash forwards, and I found myself not caring too much about Kate's stuff. Well, except for the parts that involved a shirtless Sawyer. Know what I think Sawyer's nickname for Sawyer would be? "Dimples." Anyway, otherwise, it was a fairly interesting episode.

For an awesomely thorough recap of the goings-on in this week's episode of Lost, check out SweetPeasMom's post. To check out my thoughts on the show and to share your own in the comments,


  • Last things first: Aaron is the son that Kate has been referring to, ever since last season's finale when she told Jack in a flash-forward that she has to go because "he'll be wondering where I am." So does this mean that the Oceanic 6 consists of Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron, and one more person? Or does Aaron not count as one of the six?
  • Last week Sawyer said to Kate, "Nothing awaits you back there but handcuffs," and sure enough, they cuff Kate soon after she enters the courtroom.
  • Locke: "If I was a dictator I would just shoot you and go about my day." Wow, way harsh. And that whole grenade-in-the-mouth bit was hardcore, too. Locke's losing it. He also claims to now be "responsible for the well-being of this island."
  • Awww, Hurley: "You just totally Scooby Dooed me, didn't ya?"
  • I gotta say I'm growing tired of the Kate-Jack-Sawyer love triangle. Of course Jack is going to say on the stand that he doesn't love her. That part is lame. And the whole piece with Kate and Sawyer in bed, quibbling about babies and Jack is just boring. Only thing we needed to know there is that Kate's not actually pregnant — or, at least that's what she says.
  • Man, I love Sawyer's goofy-looking reading glasses.
  • Also: I think it's funny that there's Dharma Initiative boxed wine.
  • Anyone else shiver a little when Sawyer said, "So just be woman enough to tell me you want to use me for somethin'"?
  • Little tidbit from Lostpedia about Xanadu, the movie Hurley puts on the TV at the place he shares with Sawyer: "While it is a clear reference to the cult movie of 1980, in which the main character crosses over into another dimension to be with his muse, it also refers to a famous poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, about a famous paradise built by Kubla Khan."
  • $3.2 million seems like such a random number to toss out there. But we know nothing in this show is random.
  • What's going on with that helicopter Sayid took with the helicopter guy? Still haven't landed in a day.
  • Now we know that Dan's memory is faulty, and his remembering two out of three cards is considered progress.
  • I'm curious to find out who this nanny woman is who greets Kate with such a warm welcome. Hmm?

Thoughts? Opinions? Theories? Discuss!

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"Lost" Fans: Your Libby Questions Will Be Answered Next Season

Posted By Entertainment on Jul 27, 2007 at 12:33PM

Firstly, a million thanks are in order for reader Phasekitty whose blog coverage of Comic-Con this weekend is incredibly thorough, detailed and spectacular for those of us dying for the dirt but unable to be there. She is kindly letting us post her reports on Buzz, so thank you, Phasekitty!

Now, for the juicy bits Phasekitty learned from Carleton Cuse and Damon Lindelof about the next season of "Lost"!

  • Phasekitty writes, "We will get more of Libby's story this year. Lindelof said that we would be very happy with it and indicated that she might have been involved with Dharma." Yes! They must have heard all of your comments on Buzz saying how much you need to find out more about Libby's story!

So much more great stuff, so

  • "Lindelof nodded emphatically when someone asked if Jack and Claire would learn they were related this season." I'd hoped for this and sort of expected it for next season, so it's good to know that's confirmed.
  • "Already confirmed at the TCAs, they spoke about Michael's return. Feeling bad about spilling the beans before Comic-Con, they brought out Harold Perrineau to join them on the panel as a treat for us. Although they did not disclose how or when Michael would be returning, they said he would be a series regular, and that his story is one of the most compelling."
  • "Kate and Jack's flash forward in the season finale is not where the series will end. In this answer, they indicated that there may be a handful of episodes, or even a season that takes place off the island. The show is not about 'getting off the island,' they said, the question is who gets off." I love that.
  • "Someone asked a really great question which was 'What are the questions we should be asking?' To this, Lindelof, Cuse, and Perrineau came up with a slew of questions that they would not answer, including: Who are the skeletons from season one? Are Paolo and Nikki really dead? Who's in the coffin?"
  • "Cuse said we shouldn't be concerned with what the monster is, but more like who made it (which he quickly took back by following up with, 'if it was even made by someone'...smooth!) and what it does." Ha! Nice cover, Cuse!

Several more exciting tidbits — including a description of a Dharma video that was screened! — if you check out Phasekitty's blog post.


JJ Abrams Doles Out Puzzle Pieces for His Movie

Posted By Entertainment on Jul 6, 2007 at 5:02PM

In what has become typical JJ Abrams fashion, new clues about his January '08 movie (fake-titled Cloverfield) are coming out bit by bit online. As many recent moviegoers saw during the trailers before Transformers, the teaser trailer was shown with not much information beyond the fact that the movie will be released January 18, 2008 and looks to be some kind of monster movie utilizing shaky hand-held camera techniques a la The Blair Witch Project.

Now, in addition to a fairly useless teaser website, there are two companion websites for the mystery movie. One is a blog called EthanHaasWasWrong in which the writer tries to explain that... Ethan Haas was wrong about something and that Abrams' movie is lame. The other one, called EthanHaasWasRight, features puzzles which, once solved, lead you to brief videos in which a guy in a baseball cap says a bunch of apocalyptic stuff. The puzzles get increasingly difficult to figure out, but people have been putting up the resultant videos on YouTube with some of them being removed by Paramount. To me this all reeks of a "Lost" tie-in, however, and to see what I mean,

All this viral mystery stuff is so similar to Abrams and Co. putting out the Hanso Foundation website and having people gain clues to the show via the Lost Experience, etc. The use of the videos and the general vibe feels so much like "Lost" that while it may not be a "Lost" movie exactly, if there turns out to be no tie-in whatsoever I think that's extremely lame. Now, to figure out who the heck this Ethan Haas is, besides a character on the CBS comedy "The Class" played by actor Jason Ritter. Any theories?

And check out this first of these creepy Ethan Haas videos in which there's a call to action of some sort with a deadline of August 1.

J.J. Abrams' Cloverfield... If That Is Your Real Name

Posted By Entertainment on Jul 3, 2007 at 12:30PM

Certain film blogs are abuzz with reports that a mysterious teaser trailer for a movie called Cloverfield was shown before some press screenings of Transformers. Apparently the trailer showed a bunch of teens partying and an explosion followed by the Statue of Liberty head falling into the street and then the release date comes up on the screen: January 18, 2008. Filmed all shaky handheld camera-style, it's rumored to be a kind of monster movie, or as Cinematical posits, "basically The Blair Witch Project meets the Godzilla remake."

Yet, details are sketchy and even the title is shrouded in secrecy, with many people believing Cloverfield to be a fake title. Firstly, there was the speculation that this project is actually Stephen King's Dark Tower movie that J.J. Abrams is working on, rumored to be operating under the title Cloverfield, but that was quickly denied by King's people. Now Ain'tItCool is claiming to know a few facts about the movie: Matt Reeves, former writer on "Felicity" and writer/director of The Pallbearer is directing, while J.J. Abrams' own production company, Bad Robot is helping to produce.

Also, one of the movie's writers (Drew Godard) has collaborated with Abrams on "Lost," leading to this highly intriguing speculation which I think would be pretty damn cool: Perhaps the movie will be some kind of companion piece to "Lost." January 18 is around when the next season of "Lost" is starting up... Just saying.

"Lost" Episode 22: "Through The Looking Glass"

Posted By Entertainment on May 24, 2007 at 12:10PM

If there's one thing that's consistent about "Lost", it's the ability to deliver spectacular season finales. Last night's episode was no exception to this trend, delivering 2 hours of intense action that will for sure have fans scratching their heads and scrambling to decipher until the fourth season kicks off in January.

For a full recap on all you missed (which is A LOT), check out WhiplashGirlchild's recap in the LOST fans group.
To hear my spoiler-centered thoughts, just

  • Let's start at the end - I don't even know how to pick apart the whole "flashback to the future" thing. I'm assuming that this is what Ben predicted would happen: Jack wants so badly to get off the island, but has nothing but the hospital to keep him going. It's pretty heartbreaking to watch the downfall of our beloved hero and leader, although Jack has been slowly falling apart since the first season. Also, that scraggly beard is not working for him at all.
  • Jack mentions his father more than once in his flash forwards, and while we don't see him, he definitely makes it seem like his father is still alive.
  • Here's another thought I had about the flash forwards: Since Locke seems to be having visions of some sort (i.e. Walt), perhaps he is seeing what would happen to Jack if he got off the island (not unlike the "Heroes" episode "String Theory"), and that's why he said to Jack, "You're not supposed to do this," meaning, he shouldn't get rescued. Just a thought.
  • I also wonder if, according to this flash forward, Jack never finds out that Claire is his sister. You'd think that if they knew, she could give him a little moral support.
  • I'm betting that nobody showed up for Ben's funeral and that Kate is with Sawyer now. Then again, there really could be a number of different inputs to this mysterious combination.
  • So Naomi turned out to be working for the wrong team - I totally called this! Just saying.
  • I know Charlie had to die, and I saw it coming, but I still found it to be pretty heart wrenching. I'm just glad he got to be a hero and went down in a blaze of glory.
  • I'm still not sure what to make of the visions of Walt. Especially now that Walt has gone through puberty in the off season.
  • Jack and Juliet share one of the worst kisses in TV history, not to mention it made almost no sense. And then he nonchalantly tells Kate he loves her? Since when is Jack so carefree with his emotions?
  • So is Mikhail undead or what? This is the second time he's been killed, only to come back virtually unscathed.
  • Gotta love the little snippet of pregnancy scare they throw in there for Kate and Sawyer, just to keep it soap opera-y.
  • As much as Juliet makes my skin crawl, I have to admit that her banter with Sawyer is pretty entertaining.
  • Now that so many of the Others are dead, what are the Losties going to do with the rest of them?
  • It's interesting that there were 2 scenes of almost attempted suicide in this episode, and they mirror each other. Jack finally gets off the island, doesn't know what to do with himself, considers suicide. Locke loves living on the island, but in desperate moment, doesn't know what to do with himself and considers suicide.
  • Jack's "man of science" versus Locke's "man of faith" is showcased throughout this entire episode. The interesting thing is that Ben seems to be somewhere in the middle of these two.
  • I feel the need to give Hurley a huge shout out for proving himself and saving the day, even if it was quickly overshadowed by Sayid channeling the spirit of Jack Bauer and breaking some guy's neck using only his legs.
  • At the end of the day, Ben just wants to protect the island. He and Locke have a lot more in common than they think; I'm wondering if they are going to team up against the Losties in coming seasons.

A couple of interesting tidbits from Lostpedia:

  • The first sentence of the article Jack carries around in the flash-forward seems to read, "The body of Jo.. [unreadable] ..antham of New York was.. [unreadable] ..[shor]tly after 4 a.m. in the.. [unreadable] of Grand Avenue. Ted.. [unreadable] ..man at The Tower.. [unreadable] ..loud.. [unreadable].. loft. Co.. [unreadable] ..entered the.. [unreadable] ..a beam in the.. [unreadable].."

  • The name of the funeral parlor Jack goes to, "Hoffs/Drawlar," is an anagram for "flash forward."
  • Even though the episode ended with a moment of tainted happiness and false hope for the Losties, I feel incredibly satisfied with this finale. The hardest part will be waiting 8 months to finally get some answers!

    Photos copyright 2007, ABC, Inc

"Lost" Episode 21: "Greatest Hits"

Posted By Entertainment on May 17, 2007 at 11:51AM

This week's episode of "Lost", which is centered on Charlie facing his imminent death while another showdown between the Losties and the Others approaches, is high on the sap factor and low in action. That being said, it's still a great lead-in to the finale, and it managed to hit home a bit with the softy inside me.

For a full episode of recap, check out WhiplashGirlchild's recap in the LOST fans group. For more of my thoughts (spoiler warning!) just

  • Whenever we start off with an running-through-the-jungle action sequence, you know a good episode is probably in the works.
  • "Why does everything have to be such a secret? How about some openness for a change?"- Thanks Charlie, I couldn't possibly agree more.
  • Even though Rousseau has cooperated with the Losties in the past, it usually took some convincing. I'm wondering why she's suddenly so willing to go along with with their latest plan of attack on the Others. Maybe it's because some of the Losties have helped Alex and Carl?
  • I might be one of the few people who actually really enjoys Charlie.
  • Something about the way Naomi has been blended into the island dynamic doesn't seem right. Shouldn't they be pumping her for more information of the outside world?
  • I'm intrigued by "The Looking Glass" which is a pretty obvious reference to "Alice In Wonderland." I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of revelation in next week's episode.
  • Charlie's flashbacks weren't particularly revealing, but I have to admit that they made me feel kinda warm and fuzzy inside. As did his moments with Claire - they may not be the most interesting couple, but they're a lot less whiny than Jake and Kate, that's for sure.
  • So Rose and Bernard are back and Bernard is already an important part of the latest plan. Personally, I thought they were somewhat interesting last season but now I'm alright with them being MIA.
  • So Jack says he's been the leader for the past 90 days, but Naomi said that Charlie has become this revered rock star and that DriveShaft's greatest hits CD has become huge. In 3 months? This seems like either a very subtle hint at the possibility of time being slower on the island, or a mistake of the writers.
  • Is it just me, or does it seem like sometimes Jin understands perfect English, and at other times, nothing?
  • The whole DS ring thing was pretty cheesy, but again, the girlie girl inside of me kinda loved it. However, the geek inside me couldn't help but to think about the "The Lord of The Rings."
  • Charlie randomly saves Sayid's girlfriend, Nadia, in London. Gotta love the tangled web of connections between all the characters.
  • I'm glad Sayid stood up to Jack. It's about time someone put him in his place.
  • The Losties have endless amounts of time to kill on the island, but they never once tried to follow that cable to the middle of the ocean?
  • Knocking Desmond out was very heroic of Charlie, if not incredibly dumb. Pretty sure he's going to regret that decision next week.
  • I think I held my breath almost as long as Charlie did, but I was happy to see him survive, even though there was a gun pointed in his face at the end of the episode. Needless to say, I'm on the edge of my seat for the season finale next week.

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"Lost" Episode 20: "The Man Behind The Curtain"

Posted By Entertainment on May 10, 2007 at 11:00AM

This week's "Lost" was the episode many of us have been waiting for: the long anticipated back story of Henry Gale/Ben. It was sometimes slow and often infuriating, but an incredibly revealing episode, to say the least. It also needs to be said that it ranked high on the "Lost" scale of moments that made me say "WTF?!"

If you missed the episode, you definitely want to check out WhiplashGirlchild's recap in the LOST fans group. To read more of my thoughts (which are chock full of spoilers, so look out!), just

  • Was I the only person who half expected Emily to give birth to some weird alien spawn in the opening scene? Maybe it was just the eerie music playing, or maybe I just secretly wanted island babies to be superhuman.
  • I was kind of surprised and disappointed that Ben was born in Oregon. I don't know why, considering he's almost never been an honest kinda guy.
  • The palpable shift in power between Ben and Locke is awesome. I love that the Others are all about Locke now, and it gives me hope that maybe the Losties and Others can all get along someday after all. Although that probably wouldn't make for great television.
  • "The Man Behind The Curtain" is Ben. Hey, does anyone else remember who the man behind the curtain was in the Wizard of Oz? He was a total phony, and kind of a wuss. Sometimes I wonder why Locke just doesn't kick his ass, like he did Charlie. And his father. And Mikhail.
  • "Namaste" is how the Dharma people greet each other. Wonder if they have any other cool catch phrases.
  • Horace mentions the "island's abundant, diverse...wildlife." Well, that's one way to gloss over "smoke monster and polar bears."
  • Young Ben is all about little Annie, and clearly he's still affected by her in real time. However, we never find out what became of her, or whether or not she was gassed like the rest of the members of the Dharma Initiative. Something tells me we may find out.
  • So Mikhail survived because the fence wasn't turned up to the highest voltage. Lame! Why would the fence ever be on lower voltage? Also, didn't he claim that he survived because the island provides special healing powers? (By the way, tell that to Boone!)
  • Alex is such a badass. I can't wait until we learn more about her and how she came to be Ben's "daughter."
  • Trying to sort out the "who's who" of the Dharma Initiative hurts my brain. So Ben goes to school, lives in the community — but is his part of the island in cahoots with experimental guys like Kelvin, Desmond's hatch buddy?
  • Ben sees his dead mother, like Jack saw his dead father, and Shannon saw Walt. I've tried to make connections between these three incidents, but Walt really throws me off the track by being alive and all.
  • So Ben's dad is an alcoholic and blames Ben for his mother's death. Ergo, Ben has serious daddy issues. I ask you, who doesn't?
  • Juliet changes sides more times than anyone I've ever seen. I'm so over her. I hope she gets to leave the island, or someone kills her. Whatever happens faster.
  • So Richard was once a "hostile/native" but he looks like a hippie. He doesn't seem to have really aged from Ben's flashback to real time, unless the "Lost" producers expect us to believe that a haircut ages a guy a good 30 odd years.
  • Did Richard and the hostiles coerce Ben into killing his father and the rest of the Dharma people or was it the other way around?
  • The whole Jacob extravaganza was really irritating. I didn't find it creepy, intense or mind-blowing. I was just really irritated. Also, I think it would've been awesome if the writers had just made Henry Gale insane.
  • So Ben kills his father, takes over and becomes leader of the others, can talk to what may or may not be an imaginary friend. Locke kills his father (kinda), starts gaining respect of the Others, can talk to Jacob too... this doesn't bode well for Ben, which is why he went and shot Locke. However, I don't believe for a second that Locke is a goner.
  • Source

"Lost" Will End in 2010

Posted By Entertainment on May 7, 2007 at 11:02AM

A while ago, the executive producers of "Lost" said they wanted to set an end date for the series so it didn't drag on too long. Now it's official: The show will end in 2010, after three more seasons.

Here's the most interesting part to me: Each of those seasons will have 16 episodes, and they'll air all in a row, without repeats, much like Fox does now for "24." That means no more mid-season momentum-killing breaks. As part of this deal, executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof will be with the show through the end, so fans don't have to worry about the show winding up in the hands of someone less committed to its story and mythology.

While it's unusual for a network to announce an end date this far in the future, I think it's a good move. Now we know the writers are actually moving toward a planned ending rather than just adding in plotlines and characters for the sake of keeping the show alive for as long as possible. And if you're worried that "Lost" could be spun off into something else after 2010, consider this quote from Lindelof: "Once you begin to see where we're going, I think the idea of sequels and spinoffs will completely go away."

What do you think of the news? Can the show stay strong for three more years?

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"Lost" Recap: Episode 19, "The Brig"

Posted By Entertainment on May 3, 2007 at 1:11PM

Last night's "Lost" was the episode I have been eagerly anticipating for almost a month now, and it was definitely worth the wait. Locke took us on a roller coaster ride of intensity and revelation, while keeping us guessing from start to finish.

To read about all the major happenings of the episode, check out WhiplashGirlchild's recap in the LOST fans group. To read more of my insights about one of the best episodes of the season, just

  • Let's start off with a major theme that's been prominent lately on "Lost" — I have NO idea who is good and who is evil anymore. It seems like everyone has secrets and everyone is out for themselves entirely at this point.
  • Locke is growing to be more and more like Henry Gale with each episode. They both oscillate between trying to keep their cool, eerie exterior and exposing their inner anguish. There's a yin and yang type situation between them (e.g. at the beginning of the episode Henry is in the wheelchair). It's hard to tell who is manipulating whom, and I love how they expose weakness in each other.
  • I'm not believing any of this hell/purgatory stuff. It sounds like a theory the Others want to plant into the minds of the Losties, and I'm wondering if the Others got to Naomi and brainwashed or bribed her before the Losties found her. This would explain why Desmond never saw the actual helicopter she fell from.
  • Why would the Others leave their cozy little community to camp out in tents?
  • I love that Henry tells Locke that the Others need a gesture of "free will," and then promptly demands that Locke kill his father.
  • It makes no sense that Locke's father would egg both Locke and Sawyer on. In Locke's flashbacks, we always see his father begging for Locke's help whenever he needs it. This makes me even more sure that the Others are pulling all the strings, and are behind the purgatory theory.
  • I don't believe a single word Naomi said. I think she's entirely full of crap and not to be trusted.
  • I'd like to know how Locke managed to get his father into the Black Rock, what with his father's razor sharp teeth and all.
  • What is the deal with Rousseau? She used to be super suspicious and paranoid, and now she just strolls into the Black Rock, gets some dynamite, and heads out? What is she going to blow up? I really hope we get some more information about her character before this season is over.
  • Sayid's nails are really long and gross. This has no real bearing on my thoughts of the episode, but since the island seems to have plenty of razors, scissors and other grooming supplies, you'd think he could work on that.
  • I find it interesting that the Others think Locke is "extremely special," and that Richard the doctor wants to spend more time with him. Didn't they also say the same thing about Walt, and then let him leave the island entirely?
  • I really like Kate, but she always fails to use common sense. The scene where she runs and tells Jack that nobody trusts him was a cringe-worthy, desperate attempt to get him to like her again. Also, I hate Juliet. I know that all those manipulative side glances at Jack are designed to make the audience hate her, but it absolutely works on me.
  • When all is said and done, the last few minutes of the episode, paired with the trailers for the rest of the season, gave me the chills and made really excited to check out the rest of the season, which is all I can ask for from a show like "Lost."

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